Casting Program

CastingOur Casting Program was developed to provide continuous feedback between our Client Managers, Master Craftsmen, and Independent Performers to ensure the best cast is on each of our Clients’ projects. With deliberate care, we performance rate and rank our workforce crews by the jobs they’ve done, how many they’ve done, and how well they did them.

For each job performed, our Client Manager’s rate the installation crew’s performance on ten specific categories, which results in a project score of 0-100 and updates their overall composite rating. Crews with a rating falling below 80 are not used and those with a rating above 90 are “Preferred,” resulting in recognition amongst their peers and first selection amongst our Client Managers.

Why do these Master Craftsmen and Independent Performers stay so loyal to us? Because of the standards we employ and due to the simple fact that quality loves quality. They’re quality craftsmen, we’re a quality brand; together, it’s the company we keep.

This is exactly why our clients recall our name, repeat their projects with us, and refer us to others.

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