I’m on the board of directors for RFMA (Restaurant Facility Management Association). Six months ago we got a questionnaire asking ‘Who do you choose to handle carpet installation?’ Of the 16 that responded, 15 of us said Progressive. That’s all you need to know. If everyone on the board of the Restaurant Facility Management Association uses the same company…  that company does it right.”

“Any company can come in and install carpet if you’re closed for a remodel… that’s easy. 95% of our carpet installation takes place overnight. There is no window of time that we can wait. Progressive does it better than anyone else. How? The people they have managing the project take an extra step to understand. They made sure to have plenty of people onsite who evaluated the situation and had a working plan. No matter what situation they run into, they take care of it.”

~ Danny Koontz, Former President of RFMA

“Progressive Flooring is a valued, integrated partner with Darden. I cannot say that about everyone. We have a lot of relationship equity with them and we trust them. When something isn’t right, they fix it. They work very hard at recovery and corrective actions.”

~ Bob Chuhak, Purchasing Manager – Darden

“It was an extremely enjoyable experience to have such a pleasant, quality professional company to interact with during our installation project. The Progressive crew went above and beyond our expectations. Experiences such as this are so very rare these days.”

~ Bernie DeBoer, Facilities Manager – AMC Theatres

“Progressive Flooring should be commended for their coordination skills, having well trained installers, materials in stock, and a sense of urgency that matches ours. During the installation process, the Progressive team was on their knees, working hour after hour, to help Olive Garden out at a most stressful time.”

~ Mike Remakel, Facilities Manager – Olive Garden

“Progressive is just easy. They take care of everything and they’re always on top of the project. From the very beginning, they give us all the necessary information and keep us constantly informed. Basically, they’re bulletproof – we just ask… and it’s done.”

~ Sandra Willis, Facility Manager – Ruby Tuesday, Inc.

The job Progressive Flooring completed for us was very well done. Our Operations team had nothing but positive things to say about the floors, and loved working with your team. Working with RJ and his team exceeded my expectations as well. You guys really took charge.

~ Gary Newlin, Regional Facilities Manager – Brinker International

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