ProActive Progressive

Every step matters. And we’ve got you covered by unearthing potential impending problems before they arise.

Utilizing our industry-first ProActive Progressive preventative maintenance program, we predict your floor’s future – uncovering wear & tear issues through our exclusive multi-point preventative maintenance audits, what we call predictive inspections, acting as a systemic review of your total flooring system. During our evaluations we take into account key quality attributes from specific flooring type and materials’ wearability to facility characteristics and traffic patterns.

From restaurants to movie theaters, and retail stores to hospitality venues – detecting early warning signs and catching problems before they become bigger issues saves you, our valued customers, money, while decreasing critical operational downtime and maintaining the highest quality customer experience possible.

Introducing, ProActive Progressive Preventative Maintenance & Flooring Audits – Finding Flooring Failures Before They Find You, Another Progressive First.

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