Facility Services & Repair

At Progressive, we know we wouldn’t be truly living up to our company’s name if we weren’t doing more. In addition to our installation work, we also offer a variety of other facility and maintenance services including Demolition, Vinyl, Ceramic, Aisle Light Work, Facility Services, and Custom Work Orders.

And the list continues to grow. Over the years we found that our clients oftentimes look to us for other facility and maintenance needs. Frequently during a flooring install, additional needs become exposed. At Progressive, we have all our clients’ needs covered – whether it’s paint, a kitchen rebuild, moving furniture, enclosures, etc.

Our clients can rest assured that we are equipped and prepared to handle any current or future on-site maintenance need. We easily adapt to our clients’ needs for every project, as we are the only company in our industry to author and develop Customizable Solutions for all we do; exceeding the needs of every project – from flooring systems to facility maintenance repairs.

We are one of a few select companies across the United States that install aisle lights year round. In fact, throughout our 35-year history, we have installed over 1 million linear feet of aisle lighting pathways and raceways.

No need to call multiple vendors for maintenance problems. Call one. Progressive.

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