The Footprints Program

CommunityAt Progressive Flooring, we believe giving back is a sign of a life well lived. We are deeply passionate about building meaningful relationships by providing profound impacts within the communities where our clients reside.

To this end, we have proudly created The Footprints Program. This unique non-profit organization is focused on the health and wellness of families in our communities and those surrounding our clients. We believe every footprint, every tile, every square inch of flooring we install acts as a step forward in giving back to our clients’ businesses and the neighborhoods they serve.

Specifically, the Footprints Program supports disenfranchised and/or uninsured families regarding basic human healthcare necessities and medical maintenance – from emergency care to adequate and ongoing physician relations and from elderly care to childhood cancer.

Every step a patient takes in the medical process is a step we helped make possible in the healing process. Yet when we give, we give in the name of the clients we serve. This acts as our personal and professional community pledge through our client’s namesake. We are devoted to community giving and philanthropic goodness through three distinct charitable deeds – time, talent, and direct donation.

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